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Note to not-self on dating courtesies


Or what I wish someone had taught my date in high school.

If ever on a date, say, a prom date, and stressed because the truck to get the kegs showed up late, and the decorations are supposed to start going up at six, but there's no one at the gym at six, so you're really busy setting up the gym, and, say, your date says something like, "Oh, no! I've lost my N!" (assuming, of course, N is something physical that you can help your date find, and not something intangible, like, say, your date's virginity, this being prom and all), the proper response is not, "Oh, that's too bad."

The proper response is some variation of, "Oh no! I'm really stressed right now, helping set up this whole prom/party, but I want to help you find your N. I'll come help as soon as I'm able."

Your date will be much happier, and less annoyed at you.

Later in the evening, after the decorations have gone up, the band is ready, and people are arriving, and you're greeting all the newcomers individually, because you can, there are so few, if your date is next to you during the greetings, definitely do introductions. When said introductions are over, do not continue the conversation with your guests by turning your back on your date. The first time you do this, it's an accident. The fifth time, it's bad manners.

If necessary, place your hand on your date's hip. The placement will force you to be turned slightly towards your date, and to include your date in conversations.

That said, prom was on Saturday night.