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Open source as a communication model


Posting when recovering from a migraine is, I would have to say, one of the most retarded things one can do. Just guessing here. So, since post-migraine is a perfect opportunity for complete stupidity, here I go!

Closed communication among the "top" of anything I've ever done is a source of complete and total annoyance and frustration for me. I'm uncomfortable with it. I despise it. It's the number one reason why I hate working for companies with more than two levels of management (the top being the president of the company, the next level being the manager level). If I'm going to be asked to do something, I want to know why. "Because I said so," is never good enough: there are very, very few people I trust enough to accept that as an answer.

Also a big reason I would suck at the military. Other than my problem with authority.

Well, not so much authority, as stupid authority.

So, along comes Michief's junta. I'm currently on the mailing list, though I would argue I'm there because I'm married to Kris and not because I provide any clear input. Using that argument, however, there are another 3 people on the list who also don't belong, but that's not polically correct to talk about.

So, there's the list. The list gets a lot of traffic. It has many discussions on it relevant to the whole team. Yet most of the people on the list forget to include the rest of the team, and just assume the rest of the team knows what is going on. With is untrue, since neither discussions are forwarded, nor the summary or outcomes are forwarded to the team as a whole.

A clear case of a closed group and communication breakdown, both of which annoy me.

I find it interesting that three of the six people who use the list the most resist opening it up to the rest of the team, since (so far, since we've selected the team) nothing incriminating has been sent to the short list that couldn't go out to the full list. I would even argue that by not sending it out to the full list, we lose the input of many experienced players.

Perhaps it's the closed-source, proprietary model of thinking, instead of the open-source model of thinking that clouds their judgements. I'm not sure. But it's annoying.

Completely annoying.