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Shangri La diet, day 1


So, mid last month, Matt Mullenweg posted about starting the Shangri La Diet, by Seth Roberts, having read about it most notably on the Creating Passionate Users blog. I read about it, chuckled about it, then told Roshan and Brynne about it during some drill at practice. Roshan was intrigued, did some IntarWeb™ research on it, and decided to try it, in order to lose weight for prom. In order to fit into his high school prom tuxedo, he had some weight to lose, so, sure, why not just play more ultimate and try a wonky diet?

I asked him at practice on Thursday if he was still on the diet. He said yes, and continued he had lost 10 pounds on the diet, was I trying it? No, I hadn't started it, I was still trying to lose weight the old fashioned way: eat less but healthier and exercise more.

Which is funny for me.

This is the first time in my life I want to lose weight. Having been underweight pretty much my entire life (until about 3 years ago), I'm unfamiliar with the need to lose a few pounds. Gaining weight was hard, so I didn't bother. When I entered college, I was barely 100 pounds at 5'6". When I left, I was 5'7" and 110 pounds (which meant, yay! I could give blood, which I did exactly once, and nearly passed out).

I didn't hit 120 pounds until about four years ago, yet I've gained 10 pounds in the last year. I now hover around 137, do not fit into any of my clothes, and think, good lord, this sucks. Sure, my breasts are full, my face is as full as it ever gets, but my hips are wide, and I have a stomach that, well, I look more pregnant now than Lisa did at six months.

And I'm not pregnant.

So, sure, I'll try this diet. My choices are a neutral oil or sugar water. Given my family and genetic disposition to diabetes, I'll be going with the oil. I'm also starting a more rigourous exercise program, in a valiant attempt to regain some field fitness. I spend more time on the field thinking, "I. Am. So. Out. Of. Shape." than I do trying to get the disc. Not good, not good. And my knees hurt a lot more. I think the extra weight is really not helping things out.

I foretell the hardest part of this diet is not eating for two hours: one before the oil and one after the oil. I spent three hours this morning trying not to eat for an hour. Yeah, that's the hard part.