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Warm fuzzies


Across the Drupal developer list, an email came across two days ago:

> ...
> The current Module Developers Guide is a great start.  But misses some
> of the details that make everything "click" for a new Drupal coder.

In the Drupal handbook, there is a great resource called "Creating
modules - a tutorial":


Needs to be updated in places (was written for 4.5), but despite this,
it still does an excellent job of teaching you the basics of Drupal
module development. Grokking the menu callback system, and its central
role as the foundation of almost any page request in Drupal, is
probably the biggest challenge for new developers. Also a challenge is
getting your head around the "hook magic", and how all of that
actually works, and then understanding a few of the more important
hooks in detail (e.g. hook_block, hook_help, hook_nodeapi). This
tutorial will help you to at least begin to overcome these challenges.

Given that I wrote that tutorial, the email gave me warm fuzzies.