City pulse before dawn


Funny how early morning cities are so much different from "normal" cities. Very rarely am I ever up before most people. Even more rarely am I up before the sun during the summer (except for ultimate tournaments, of course). Kris is having a routine procedure done in the morning (who makes 6:30 am doctor appointments? Oh, yeah, my husband), so we were up uncomfortably early to head north.

The advantage of being the first patient is that you can eat again the soonest. At least he'll be done at 8:30.

I've dropped him off at the doctor's office, and am off to find an okay breakfast place. I'll most likely head to the nearest Peet's. As I'm walking over, though, I stop and just wait, listening to the sounds of a sleeping city on the verge of waking up. It's light out, but only a few people are out, most of them somehow connected to the hospital.

It's strange, this morning thing.

Time to go back to bed.