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Regaining my sense of smell


So, yeah, I lost my sense of smell a couple years ago. Before the loss, I had a very good sense of smell: I could smell Kris' morning coffee on him at bedtime; I could often smell what he had for lunch in the evening, too. The smell of Kris was (is) one of the most wonderful smells in all of the world.

Turns out, I didn't complete lose my sense of smell. Instead, I lost my sense of smell for good things. I could still smell crap: the dogs' crap, their stinky butts, the offensive woman at OSCON, the dog poop at the park, the old lady at the bank. Yeah, the bad stuff, but not the good stuff.

I mentioned that I had lost my sense of smell to my naturopath, who had suggested a natural remedy for sinus problems: essentially penicillum shot up the nose. Nearly desperate to try anything, I used the homeopathic solution, to good success.

For about a week.

And then my sense of smell started disappearing again. The root cause wasn't solved, so it was just a matter of time before it disappeared again.

A couple weeks ago, when I mentioned my lack of smell to Heather, she commented that I really should look into the problem. Head trauma and stroke, as well as other underlying physical causes much worse than dog allergies can cause a loss of smell, and finding the root cause is important.

So, back I went to the naturopath. Back I went to snorting penicillum. And, thankfully, back came my sense of smell.

Happy, happy, joy, joy! I can smell! For the first time in over half a year, I can smell Kris. I can smell the morning air.

With the sense of smell, however, comes the downside to scent. The smell of Annie's butt. The smell of Bella's breath. The smell of the neighbor's cigarette smoke.

And, then there's today's little incident with a coworker, a pair of feet, and a desk top.

Yeah, my sense of smell is back. Let's hope it lasts longer than a week this time.