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Future of Web Apps Summit


Mike and I went to the Future of Web Apps Summit, put on by Carson Systems yesterday. We arrived with enough time to find good seats, but too late for breakfast. I saw Cal almost immediately, and went up to say hello to him. Tom, who was speaking yesterday, was with him. The two of them are always so funny together: like two schoolboys at recess.

Elina showed up later, and we caught up on tons of stuff. Fabulous to see her and Cal again.

At one point during the day, I had to go outside to talk to Will about progress with task items. I took the opportunity to walk around the Palace of Fine Arts, (lovely walk) and happened upon Messina and Matt talking outside during the break. As I passed them, I said hello, and commented to Messina he looked upset. He mentioned that he was concerned that all the speakers were male. All of them but one were white.

I admittedly hadn't thought about it until that point, but realized that he was completely correct. The white male domination of my industry has become so widespread I don't notice it anymore.

How sad.

And how I wish I had something to say to a crowd, that I might present at a conference.