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QotD: Written By Yours Truly

Guest Post Blog is shutting down. This is a post from Vicki's vox

If you could write a book about anything, what would it be about?

If I were to answer today, it would be about my life and how it's evolved. I'd tell about what it was like growing up and include maps to places that I liked going to, as well as photos of them. A storybook of my life.

(I was thinking about work earlier ... wouldn't it be fun if everyone in at the staff meeting shared an aspect of themselves that was little known? What makes these folks tick? Because they're certainly not interesting to work with, but they probably think the same thing of me!)

Anyway, MY book would include nutrition and the journey from meat-and-potatoes Indiana to nearly-vegetarian Arizona, as well as what-worked-for-me exercise tips.

It would not be a best seller. :)

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