So much for playing


I'm really beginning to hate the month before Sectionals, the Labor Day tournament in particular. Last year, I had to play on lots of (admittedly OTC) painkillers. The year before I broke four ribs the week after the tournament. The year before, playing Donner, I tripped in a hole at the tournament and sprained my ankle bad enough to require weeks of physical therapy.

So, this year?

Another sprained ankle, tripping in a hole on the mini field we were warming up in.

The team did a great job at taking care of me. So good, as a matter of fact, that at the end of the day, other than the sharp pain at the extreme flexes, I couldn't tell I had injured my ankle.

Mistake, because I had clearly injured my ankle. This morning, when I woke up after half a night without ankle compression. my ankle was huge, with a black, brown and blue ring around it. My mobility with the ankle gone, too.

So, yeah, once again, RICE before Sectionals. Rest. Ice. Compression. Elevation. More like, SLOB. Slow. Lethargic. Old. Bored.