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Goin' to the show!


We've finished the day 4-0, winning our games 15-10, 15-8, 15-6, and 15-10. The second game was ugly, the rest of the games were clean and, for the most part, fun.

The last game was the most satisfying. By winning the cross-over, we clinched our bid to Nationals on the first Day: we play Brass Monkey (over Whorshack) in the finals, tomorrow at 1PM. As last year, we're going to the Show!. Didn't even have to win all of our games to get there, as we had to last year.

I'm glad we're going, but I have to complain about the seedings. It seems I fill the time I'm not playing with complaining, usually about the seedings.

At sectionals, we had the hardest pool. We ended up with three of the top six teams in our pool, finishing 1-5-6. Brass Monkey had the easiest pool, providing only one team, them, in the top six, finishing 2nd.

It's like people assume Brass Monkey is the best, so give them the easiest road. It happened last year at Nationals, with all three of the teams in their first day pool finishing in the bottom 5 places. I recall Donner having an easy road at least one of their two victory years, too. My memory is vague with the other year: they lost to CTR and had to battle their way up the back door to go to Nationals. RFBF had the easy road that year.

So, what is it with Mischief this year? With everyone assuming Brass Monkey is better than we are, despite our 3-1 record against them, the loss being the first match-up of the season, the only way we can prove them wrong is to go all the way. Even Brass Monkey was allowed a loss last year. For some reason, not us.

Lisa commented to me today that the team is what we always wanted with ultimate, the reason we left Special K, the reason we left Rippit: to be with a group of friends who play ultimate, play hard and play well. It's a rare gift this sport has given me, and, despite my complaining, I love every minute of it.