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Saddest day of ever


Today is the saddest day of ever.

Today is the first day I have received an unsolicited commercial spam email to my main email address. I use throw away email addresses for my commercial dealings, meaning I know when some company has a virus on their systems or has sold my email address. It's not hard to figure out when the address kittsprint shows up on electronic goods emails that Sprint sold my address, or when kittameritrade shows up in a spam email that Ameritrade has a virus on their systems.

This second one actually happened, with kittameritrade being my second email address I used with Ameritrade. The first time I reported the virus on their systems, they insisted the problem wasn't within their systems, it was within mine. I asked them to switch email addresses, and four months later the new email address was getting financial spam to it.

After getting the run around from Ameritrade again with the virus in their systems, I reported their breach of privacy policy and leak of personal information to the SEC. Now THAT got Ameritrade moving.

I couldn't help but think, "You know, people, not everyone uses Microsoft products, and that's a good thing. Homogeny is a cracker's dream, especially when all of the products are flawed."

I have to admit, my run lasted a long, long time. I've used my personal email address for about eight years without spam to it, and without any email spam filters on it. In this day and age, that's pretty good.

I guess it's time to switch to one of the other five top level domains I have for my last name. Since is being spammed, how does sound?