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When I was leaving for Worlds, I wasn't exactly in the calmest frame of mind, what, with the passport disappearing and all. As a result, my actual packing for the trip was a bit scattered. I packed a few too many shirts, but enough socks and underwear. I had one carryon bag (my hump, also known as my backpack) and one checked bag, my ultimate bag that wasn't completely full. I was impressed that I could pack all I needed in not-completely-full bag.

Unfortunately, the details did me in, and I packed poorly with my toiletries. I had my toothbrush, sure, and some toothpaste in a tube small enough to make it past the retarded American airport security goon squad. I had covered rubberbands for my hair.

I forgot, however, to pack a comb and any q-tips.

One swim in the Indian Ocean with wet ears afterward was bad enough, but two weeks without being able to dry my ears after a shower is just plain torture!

Two weeks of "combing" my hair with my fingers was annoying, to be sure, but the lack of q-tips was worse.

Way worse.

My shower this evening was pure bliss afterward, when I was able to dry my ears (finally!).

Kris thinks I'm weird.