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First day at Worlds, continued


Won our second game against the German team Endzonis 17-10 Good game in general, I dropped two discs in the endzone, fortunately on the same point. The wind grabbed the first one and pushed it down. I don't know why I missed the second one.

With the win, we secured the A pool win. Tragically, this means we have an 8:30 am game and a 4:30 PM game on Tuesday. The schedule for this tournament has been remarkably retarded. We're tourists in this city, it would be nice to actually spend our dollars with a schedule that permits us to travel outside the tournament. Though, admittedly, in later days, playing means we're doing well, and I'd prefer playing a crappy schedule to being knocked out early in the tournament.

Tomorrow is a game against Zhong, a China/South Korea team of expats similar to the Hong Kong team I played with at Worlds in 2002. I wonder if I'll recognize anyone.