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The perfect Thanksgiving


"Do you want pumpkin or fudge pie for Thanksgiving dinner dessert?"


"Oh. Both?"


"I best start cookin' then."

Kris and I are still completely jetlagged. Not so sure we're going to try very hard to fix our sleep schedules these first few days, trying more to recover from the flight than anything.

So, rather than fight the lack of sleep, we slept until noon, then dragged ourselves to the nearest Starbucks for the most wonderful, deeeee-leee-shush, Americano coffee Kris had had in three weeks. Apparently the Aussies can't do it like the 'Mercans can, and he needed his fix.

Somehow, I convinced him that we should go on a hike. I'm not sure why I convinced Kris of this, as my head was still pounding from yesterday's headache, but, well, what have you, and off we went to the Fremont Older Open Space with the doggen.

Our usual two hour hike lasted only seventy minutes, and we managed to talk about ultimate, life, holidays, our trip,

I told Kris I'm going to give high-level ultimate one more year, which means training starts now, and not in three months, because I have a lot of injuries and head-case issues to fix before I can play at that level again. He seemed both surprised and pleased at my announcement. He may have been a bit cautious, too, knowing I couldn't exercise hard today because of yesterday's migraine. Tomorrow, well, that I could do.

Back home after the short hike, I made ham potpie for dinner. It turned out well, though I didn't start dessert until about 10PM. Mattered little, though, as we're so jetlagged we'll be up until 4AM anyway.

So, sleep, hike, cook, eat. Only thing missing now for this perfect Thanksgiving is sex.