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Dear Seekrit Santa


Every year, each the adults on my mom's side of the family puts his name in the proverbial hat, and draws out a name. Instead of giving 11 gifts, one to everyone in this family, and spending several hundreds of dollars on gifts, each of us buys one gift for the name we pulled out of the hat, spending around $20 on said gift.

The kids, of course, get any number of gifts, because, well, how do you tell a grandparent or auntie she can't buy lots of gifts for the (not-so) little ones? (Hint: you can't.)

The problem with gifts, however, finding a good one for your recipient. Getting someone a gift he wants is always good, but one that fits in with my ideals is good, too: something that is used or used up, instead of something that sits on a shelf, never looked at or used.

So, Seekrit Santa, to make your life easier, here's what I want for Christmas this year, mostly under $20:

So, there you go, Seekrit Santa. I'll use any of these gives. Thanks, Santa!