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It must cause you...


Kris and I took Annie for an interview at a dog walking facility up on Belmont this morning. She did really well, considering she's a labrador in beagle fur, and was accepted on a trial basis into the program. Our hopes are that she'll come home completely exhausted.

Because we drove together, I dropped Kris off at his work and drove Annie home. That left Kris to take the train home. My evening plans were rescheduled, so I was able to pick him up from the train station.

I was about two miles from the train station when the stoplights stopped me at an intersection with a train crossing. As I watched, the express train that Kris was taking crossed the intersection. Once again, I was going to be late.

As Kris hopped into the car after I pulled up, I started to apologize, and laughed about where I met up with the express train.

He turned to me, without missing a beat.

"It must cause you physical pain to be on time."