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Of all the days


Of all the days to forget my camera when heading out, today was not the day.

Normally, I'll take my cell phone, my other cell phone, my camera, my wallet, and my index cards at a minimum. If I can, I'll take my computer and iPod, too, all tucked nicely in my backpack.

Today, however, we were going "shopping," in particular, to purchase the Christmas tree we selected yesterday, so I'd try the minimum (my wallet) and hope I didn't come up with a brilliant idea I had no way of writing down to remember.

Well, rather than having a brilliant idea to write down, I saw THE most hideous chairs on the back of a truck driving just in front of us. I stared at the chairs, mesmerized at just how ugly they were, and commented, "Of all the days to forget my camera."

Without missing a beat, Kris responded, "What? For those chairs?" Yes! "You can just write about them, can't you?"

"Do you really think I could describe them well enough to convey their true ugliness?"

"Those chairs? Mmmmmmmm, no."

So, they were UG-GLEE.

After this conversation, Kris turned the corner into slowed traffic. As we approached, we saw an SUV up on the curb, in the ivy. It was parked rather strangely, and only after passing it and looking back did I realized it was a single vehicle accident where the truck had gone over the curb and plowed straight into the suspension/bracing cables that kept a high voltage power line tower upgright. The dent in the front of the truck was spectacular in its depth and narrowness.

Kris began laughing at the lamenting I started. Why, oh, why had I forgotten my camera today?

At least the Christmas tree we selected was still available. Whoo!