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Master Gardeners classes start


Today was my first Master Gardener class. The class was orientation, so we didn't actually learn any gardening, but more about the program and what to expect in the program. The class was well organized, and, based on the the horror stories I've heard from previous classes, well worth the four hours spent listening to everything.

Janis picked me up from my house, because it was raining (hence, walking to the rendevous point would have soaked me). I carpooled with Janis and Linda from my mentor group. It's nice to drive down with a group, and I'm glad the program has thought through the "group bonding" part of the program, and organized small, localized groups.

In a sharp contrast to yesterday, I took very few notes. The only time I really stopped and acknowledged what was up was when I noticed the Friends of Santa Clara Master Gardeners Board of Directors was 90% male, when the whole program was barely 15% male. I thought the percentage odd, but Karen (also in my mentor group) commented people volunteer what they know, and the men were probably used to management, finances and the like, i.e. what a board does, and therefore volunteered for that work. I reluctantly agreed she was right.

The weekly class is a serious commitment. This week I was able to put in enough hours at work. Here's hoping I can keep this up.