Lost, but only barely


Kris and I had to leave for the airport just as our semi-final game started. We beat the Hawaii team that had taken us out in quarters for the last three years, making that victory very sweet.

Beth filled us in on the outcome:

I don't know exact scores very well, but here's the basic story of
what happened.  We went up on the bunnies by a good margin, maybe 8-5.
 They were making unforced errors and we were playing solid and
aggresively and were able to capitalize.  They then went for a run to
bring it up to about 9-8 when we called time out to stop momentum.
There continued to be an echange of points and we were able to tie it
at 12s by playing for field position in this gusty upwind downwind
field.  Both teams were looking pretty good, though I think we were
starting to make a few more errors than before.  The game was hard
capped at 12-13, and then the bunnies managed to score, ending the
game at 14-12.  Truly, it could have gone either way.  We almost made
it to the finals baby!
    Although playing in the finals would have been cool (especially
for bragging rights) we were down to 10 playing at that point and
pretty tired, and I don't think we minded getting to sit and watch and
eat poke.