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Read a book


When's the last time I read a book?

From start to finish, cover to cover?

I don't know.

I know I have Mark's copy of Catch 22 at the top of my stack. I've tried to read it three or four times. I've started, stopped, restarted, stopped again. I keep going through that cycle, never quite getting into it. Mark and Tyler and Kris all say it's worth the read. They all admit it's a boy's book, too. That might be part of the problem of my inability to read the book.

I have three or four technical books I've started and managed half way through or so. Haven't finished them.

My commute is four minutes long, seven on a bad day, so the books on CD that I've been "reading" have taken me months to finish, when they take Kris only a couple weeks. Though, with his shorter commute, he's managed to draw out the stories to all of maybe a month.


I can't believe my concentration has dwindled to mere moments on a web page or partial hours with a magazine. Is a thousand word article really my max? Can I really read a classic only in five minute increments?

I remember months, which have probably faded to years, ago thinking, I'm too busy, something has to give. Then it was my health. Now I think it's going to be the Intarweb™. There is so much interesting information out there that stopping is going to be hard.

But, geez, I haven't stopped to read a book since I threw the last Harry Potter across the room in a fit of anger at the death of one of the characters.