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Clueless, just clueless


Today, I arrived a little late to the second day of the OSCMS Summit, so I snuck into the back of the classroom and sat down in a chair Boris offered me. The session was on installation profiles, which I've been interested in to ease the setup of new sites.

As I was sitting in the back, I was close to the refreshments, coffee and juices. Next to me was a bucket of ice with a few bottles of soda in the bottom. Since the juices were sitting on the counter, they were warm. I grabbed one of the cranberry juices and tucked it into the ice to chill, figuring I'd wait until the end of the session before digging it out.

Just as I finished half-burying the bottle in the ice, the guy sitting next to the ice bucket looked over intently at the bottle I just set in the ice. He then reached in, grabbed it, opened the bottle and started drinking it.

I sat there glaring, thinking, "Dude! What the f--k?"

This is the guy.