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New processes not so hot


I've been using ecto to compose my blog posts since just before SxSW. It works well in that it enables me to write easily offline, but not necessarily any better than I would write if I were using, say, emacs, my favorite editor. The problem with emacs, though, is the over developed, and often overused, left pinky, from which not only can I do one armed pull-ups, but I can also thwart the most deadly ninja assassin with a pinky flick from my left hand.

Yes, emacs is that good of a pinky trainer.

The problem with using ecto, however, is that to me, I've blogged. I wrote what I needed to write, I've managed to get the words out of my system, and I'm done. Nothing like vomiting words onto a screen and thinking, whoo, that sounds good.

I'm not sure I'll stick with ecto, as a result. I'll need to get some process down to make this easier. I know I want the automatic upload of all of my pictures to a server, which doesn't need to be Flickr, though might be. No reason why I can't add in various easy-posting features ala Vox, while I'm at it.

In that copious, illusory, fleeting and mercurial, mythical entity called "free time."