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Off to the dentist


Why do I travel two thirds of the way up the peninsula to go to the dentist?

I've been going to the same dentist for the last eight years. I've even managed to get Kris to go to the same dentist, though he works closer than I do, making the trips slightly less painful.

When I was working for PDI, I asked a couple coworkers for dentist recommendations. Kevin suggested Dr. Happy in Palo Alto, with the commentary, how could you not go to a dentist named Dr Happy? Randy offered his dentist who, though nominally far away, was fabulous. Randy was correct, and I'm very happy for the great relationship with my dentist. I've clued into some of the subtle ways they make the experience better, including asking personal questions and jotting notes down in my files so that they can ask about it the next time, six months from now.

I just wish all of my health related relationships were as good.