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You must be this tall to program for Drupal


DRIES!I went to SFO to pick up Dries after his flight into the Bay Area. He had offered to call me when he and the "other Belgian" he was flying with finished with customs. I asked him to call me before he entered customs, to give me time to drive to the airport. Well, I made the big miscalculation of assuming Dries was flying into San Jose when I offered to pick him up in the first place, and was paranoid I'd be late, making him wait. So, I had driven to SFO earlier than expected to compensate.

I arrived at airport just as Dries exited the airplane and called. This was fortunate, as he was missing one of my phone number's digits and needed to call work to see where I was. I was able to wait for Dries in the waiting area, which was also fortunate, as I was unsure if I would recognize him as he exited the customs area.

When he and his Belgian companion walked out of the door, I stopped worrying and started laughing. They were both well over 6' tall. I haven't felt so short in a long time. After saying hello to his companion, I asked Dries, "Is there a rule that you must be over six feet tall to commit to Drupal's core?"

He looked at me confused. "No. I don't think so."