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Going Native Garden Tour 2007


I spent the morning volunteering at the Going Native Garden Tour, in particular at the house of Agi Kehoe. Thankfully, she lives all of five minutes from my house, so even though I left late from my house, I was still on time for volunteering.

Well, five minutes if you know all of the shortcuts.

And drive like I do.

Agi and her husband, John, have clearly volunteered for this before, as they knew exactly what to do and what to expect. I had a table and an umbrella, and lots of literature to hand out. I brought water and a Snickers Marathon bar, my new favorite Powerbar substitute, but Agi offered me both a Clif bar and water.

As soon at the clock turned 10 AM, we started having visitors. During the next three hours, we had over one visitor every two minutes: I signed in 141 people, missing maybe two people who managed to visit without signing in.

Agi's yard has totally inspired me.

After the garden tour, I came home and ordered wildflowers from Larner Seeds. Little does Kris know that we're getting a yellow pallette California meadow.