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What a difference five months makes.

Which isn't to say that boston is exactly ooozing with the best weather ever: quite the contrary - it's raining and I can still see my breathe. But at least my nipples didn't freeze and fall off the moment I stepped out of the baggage claim area, like they did last January. Crappy weather, nonetheless.

This is the weekend of Andy's insanity, also known as the man is crazy enough to have four dogs in his house and think this is a good idea. We already had a crush on him. It may have just turned into love.

I hope he takes pictures.

Kris and I are here in Boston for his cousin's wedding. Mike P was Kris' best man at our wedding three years ago to the week. It'll be fun seeing Kris in a tux again, as part of the bridal (groomal? wedding?) party. He's so dashing when he's dressed like Bond James Bond.

My trip here is short. Since I'm not in the bridal-groomal-wedding party, I didn't have to be here in Boston early, so I didn't take the insane red-eye that Kris took. I hate red-eyes. Unlike Kris, I am unable to sleep well on planes, and red-eyes are merely on way tickets to migrainestonfieldville.

Though flying without Kris sucks, too. I figure if I'm going to die in a plane crash, I want Kris' hand in mine, and his shouting, "Well, it's been a wild ride, babe! And a good life! I love you!"

Not that I'd be shouting anything but "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!"

Well, maybe I'd be quoting one of my favorite X-Factor quotes: "What a stupid way to die."

So, yeah. Bob and Lil should be here soon to pick me up. Boston, here I am again.