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Today, around 1PM, a semi jack-knifed into the center divide, caught on fire, and stopped traffic on 101 in both directions. Because 101 South was way closed for four, five hours, traffic spilled over to Middlefield, Central and Alma, El Camino, Alameda and Junipero Serra and Foothill, and, of course, 280. Kris tried each of these streets, leaving at 4:30 to bring Annie home from her weekly dogwalk, before heading back up to Stanford for our sprint workout.

When he drove less than a mile in 20 minutes, he agreed to let me drive his clothes up to him when I came to practice, instead of his double driving. Seemed wise at the time.

After the run, and after I went to practice to coach, the last practice of the season where I had all of four teammates show up (making me wonder, is it school, or something I did?), Kris and I talked about how crazy the day was.

He commented that one more big rig exploding in the Bay Area, and he, too, would start believing in conspiracies. The big rig that exploded in Oakland a few weeks back took out part of the freeway, and disrupted traffic patterns, hence commerce, in the area. We talked about how, screw the exploding planes, disrupt the capitalist ecosystem in one of the most innovative areas in the country, to make a mark. One way to do that? Exploding tankers taking out freeways is one way.

Kris isn't prone to seeing anything negative, much less a conspiracy theory. For him to make this suggestion (and make it before I even thought of it) indicates just how suspicious he find these big-rig accidents of late.

Let's hope there's no third one.