Group shower


For teams with a 2-2 or better record on the day, a team representative was sent to the tournament's All-Star game at 7:30 this evening. I missed the first half of the game wandering over to the local pool and showering. Mostly showering, I should say.

I didn't have a towel.

Or shampoo.

Or soap.

I still managed a full shower, though. But that wasn't the strange part of the adventure. What was odd was the requirement that all women must shower with shorts and tops on.

In a women's locker room.

Full of women.

No men, just women.

Not a requirement I've ever seen before.

The 4" standing water, however, I had seen before. I managed to shower all of 30 seconds before standing in that much water (in a 12' x 12' stall with three other women) annoyed me too much and I went over to remove the 6" round hair clog covering the central drain. "Ew! That's so gross!" was the only help I received from my fellow showermates.

I should have flung the thing at one of them.