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Stupid austerity program


This austerity program is killing me! Piece by little piece I don't fill up my life with pieces of crap, or items that will make me happy for a moment, but ultimately clutter up my life and weigh me down emotionally at all the stuff I have.

I know the eventual outcome. Doesn't change the face that I want it (where "it" is the object du moment). I want it now.

Each time I think, oooooooo, I want, I want, I stop and think for a moment. Do I really want it? Can I live without it?

Pretty much the only thing I'm spending money on now is food.

I'm still receiving little surprises every now and then, as an order I placed months ago is sent to me (hello, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows). For the most part, however, my credit card bills are smaller (and you say, "zero balance?"), my bank account is staying the same, and I'm slowly weaning myself from the obssesive consumerism that has been a constant in my life for the last decade.

If only I had bought an iPhone before I started this program.