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I went to Velocity Sports this morning without Kris. He's taking the week off, so, if I was going to go, I was going to go by myself. So, off I went by myself, and, what do you know? This morning at VS, I did 210 pushups. Sure, I did 210 situps, too, but I'm more amazed at the 210 pushups.

The workout was a progression of pushups and situps such that the total number of the two done in each round was 21.

So, the first round was 20 pushups and 1 situp. The second round was 19 pushups and two situps. The third round was 18 pushups and three situps. The rounds continued until 1 pushup and 20 situps.

So, yeah, pushups. Can you say, "Not my forte?" Because I can. Bryanne warned us that at the end, we'd be wishing for more pushups and fewer situps. More pushups? Not likely.

Around round 6 or 7 I did figure out that I needed to rotate the position of my hands to change which muscles are used for the pushups. The first five or six rounds I did with the my hands in the normal, straight position and exhausted the chest muscles associated with that position. I noticed on some sets Bryanne rotated her hands in, others she rotated her hands out. When I duplicated this rotation, I was able to continue much stronger than I expected to be able to continue.

I'm thrilled to say, I was able to do the last five rounds with full pushups, not the wimpy from-the-knees pushups I had been doing in the previous rounds. Sure, it was only 15 from the feet, but that's 15 more than I expected to be able to do.

Especially having done 195 before those 15.

And Bryanne was right. At the end, I was wishing for more pushups and fewer situps.


When I was in Army Basic Training, I did 80 pushups in under two minutes. Can you top that?

I just did this workout!

It was super, super hard. Especially since I don't normally do pushups.

I took a pretty long break in the middle because my neighbor brought over mojitos.

I finished the set as I drank a mojito.

I, too, went to real pushups instead of knees pushups for 5-1. This is because you did it too. It's true that it's way, way harder for girls to do pushups from toes -- our weight is centered at our hips so it takes a ton more ab/hip flexor strength to do pushups than it does for guys, with the weight centered over their arms and with greater arm strength to boot. I find it a ton easier to do pushups with my feet elevated, mostly because it takes a lot of stress off my abs/hip flexors.

I could do all of the pushups at once at 20, and not again until 14.

Thank you for the workout. Paul thanks you too, as he hates when I don't do workouts.