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Community or proximity?


I bought the house in Valpo for a sense of community. I felt I had lost that in California, but moving back to Indiana meant I'd be close to Dad, and the sense of community with that.

Hanging out with Andy this past weekend has given me a lot of that sense of community. Just heading over, working on his house, walking to Jamba Juice afterward was fun, relaxing, full of a sense of belonging to a group that I've been craving for a while now, pretty much since Mike and Kate moved, I think. I feel it when I'm spending time with Mom. I felt it this weekend.

I must be confusing "community" with "close neighbors," now that I think about it. We're not close to any of our neighbors where we are now.

Even if the neighbor community consisted of four dogs and only one other person.

Those dogs can be pretty cuddly when they want to be.