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I've lost him


Kris sent me a message via email today. He was looking online at various deals, and found one from Amazon that he was very interested in. I looked at the deal he found, and mentioned that two days delivery might be too long, and the vendor wasn't going to give us a discount with the Amazon Prime, as it wasn't Amazon selling the product.

I offered, instead, to walk down to the shop just down the street from work afer I picked up Liza and Kathleen (her grandmother) from the airport, and see if I could find something that would work. I found a couple that would, indeed, work, and several others that were beyond the $200 budget Kris and I had agreed upon. Erwin tried to upsell me a couple times, but I resisted. I had a budget I was going to stick to, and the upsells weren't in that budget.

I wasn't sure about the color, but Kris didn't seem to mind what I purchased. As a matter of fact, he seemed to be mighty pleased.

Me? I'm excited about this new hobby.