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Storm Convo with Kris


My IM conversation with Kris about these seriously messed-up books.

kitt: I hate these books!
kitt: Come on!
kris: books?
kris: oh...
kris: Ice and Fire
kris: aka "Storm of Swords"
kris: what happened?
kitt: Aria is less than 4 hors from seeing her mom....
kitt: And her mom is killed?
kitt: WTF?
kris: ah
kitt: God damn!
kris: the Red Wedding
kitt: Hate them
kitt: Hate them
kris: :|
kitt: It has a name now?
kitt: Good lord.
kitt: Does edwin die too?
kris: I listened to that scene several times
kitt: HATE IT.
kris: yes, it has a name...
kris: Catlin's brother?
kris: I forget
kitt: It fucking made me cry.
kris: :|
kitt: Wtf?
kris: I was in dis believe
kitt: Me too.
kris: I mean, Rob Stark?
kitt: I KNOW!
kris: And the way it happened...
kris: the crossbow bolt just stuck out of him...
kitt: He's not dead quite yet forme
kris: we were experiencing the disbelief along with him
kris: oh
kris: d'oh
kitt: He has 3 bolts in him
kris: I thought you were done
kitt: And has just stood up
kitt: No.
kris: done with that scene
kris: sorry
kris: didn't mean to give anything away
kitt: Waiting to see if kaitlin stands to kill walder
kitt: You didn't give anything away.
kitt: I'm so mad
kitt: So
kitt: Fucking
kitt: Mad
kitt: I fucking hate this author.
kitt: If I had the books, I'd throw them
kris: Well, when I read it I thought Ned Stark would live
kris: someone would come to their senses
kris: and rescue him
kris: then...
kris: he died
kris: and I was like, "oh, that kind of thing can happen?"
kris: "I thought the good guys typically won"
kris: then I
kris: and saw that no one won
kris: everyone kept losing...
kris: and losing...
kris: so when Rob Stark married a non-Fray
kris: I knew that would be trouble
kris: but I figured it would be on the battle field
kris: not a sneak attack!
kitt: Tell me
kitt: Is there justice?
kitt: Does walder die?
kris: well...
kitt: Please tell me.
kris: I can't remember
kitt: You suck.
kris: Aren't there 100 Walders?
kitt: The old fuck.
kris: There is death in every house
kris: oh, I don't think he's dead yet
kitt: Every house?
kris: but he's going fast...
kitt: FUCK.
kris: The Starks...
kitt: Kaitlin failed.
kris: the Lanisters...
kris: every house
kitt: !!!!!!
kitt: I hate these books.
kitt: Hate them
kris: heh
kris: The fact that nothing "works out" is one of the reasons I like them so much
kris: I'll give you hope...
kris: Aria is still alive
kris: She kicks ass
kitt: Yeargh.
kitt: Hate them
kris: oh, and just you wait until Danerys (sp?) shows up...
kitt: Fine
kris: then there will be a reckoning
kitt: I'll keep reading.
kris: When she arrives in Kings Landing...
kitt: Need to go.
kris: or at least in the Five Kingdoms
kris: there's gonna be a hell of a fight
kris: :X
kitt: Boss here.
kris: later!
kitt: :x