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Guy's last day.


Today is Guy's last day working for me this summer. I'm bummed that he'll be leaving, but really, how much of a future does someone have working as my personal lackey? Answer? Not much, school is a much better choice.

Still, he managed to complete a LOT of the tasks around the house that I've been meaning to do for a long, long time. He painted the bedroom walls in stripes with a lighter blue than the previous much-too-dark blue. He rotated the compost bins bi-weekly. He moved trees from the parkway. He carted compost to the backyard. He watered my plants. He walked the dogs. He dug up weeds. He chipped branches. He trimmed trees. He painted the living room ceiling. He removed the old baseboards from the bedroom. He painted the new baseboards and installed them. He purchased the new baseboards before either of the remaining baseboard tasks. He painted the trim in the hallway. He harvested various vegetables. He installed the backyard irrigation system. He built wire cages for me. He went in search of hog panel for me. He researched other buying options on various items I was looking at.

He even stripped the sixteen layers of wallpaper from the secondary bathroom. I managed to strip one layer about six years ago. Kris has been a bit bitter at me for those entire six years, for starting a job and not finishing it. If I was going to strip wallpaper from the bathroom walls, could I please not do it next to the toilet when I'm taking a crap? I mean, come on.

Guy stopped by for lunch, so he, Doyle and I all went off to for lunch at the Ginger Cafe. Turns out, both Guy and Doyle lurve sesame balls. I don't think Guy took advantage of my buying lunches for him nearly enough. We had maybe 10 lunches together, if that many. Still, this summer, I got my money's worth in summer assistance.

Even if he never took his shirt off, as the Smith brothers did.