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Mirabelle visit


Mirabelle stopped by this morning to visit with me. She sent her mother off after about ten minutes, letting her know that she would be fine, mostly by saying, "Ma! Ma? Ma. Ma. Ma! Ma?"

Mirabelle started her visit, once again, by inspecting the cleanliness of our kennels. Once she peered in, however, she discovered we actually keep dogs in our kennels. A surprise to her to be sure. Annie came out to greet her.

Mistaking Annie for a daemon, and feeling a little nervous, Mirabelle decided the best course of action was to perform an in-house rain dance, complete with sticks and drums. She set up her bowls, turned them upside down, and began a one-time-only ritual drumming.

A good first step, but the natives were still restless. What better way to sooth the savage beast than with food? And where better to find food than an organic garden? Where, indeed.

Mirabelle was incredibly giving with the tomatoes. Once I pulled a few off the vine for her and handed them to the dogs through the fence, she picked on the process very quickly, pulling her own tomatoes off the vine, then picking off the stems before handing the tomato through the fence.

We stopped when she started going after my bell peppers. Hey, they're red, too.

There just aren't as many of them.

After the feedings, Mirabelle confirmed the savage beasts were, indeed, soothed, by threatening to wrestle Annie.

Soon after the dog wrastlin', incident, we went off for lunch. Mirabelle was playing it coy.