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The Annoying Deck


So, my understanding of the Deck ads (the ones you see to the right of the free delivery pages on IconBuffet, which are subtle and fairly targeted), is that each is tested by the members of the Deck, and, if the website/product sucks, rejected if necessary. I've found all of the ads to be to sites that are interesting to me in some way. Sure, some of the sites are more useful than others, but all worth checking out.

The latest one I've seen is for GlueNow. It's a new ad, so I clicked on it.

It's for a website that allows you to post (create, whatever term you like) new content from a smart, tiny or dumb phone. Great! I write a lot, often on the go without my laptop, so I signup.

And get a page that says, "We will be releasing all Glue sign ups on a weekly basis. You will receive a welcome email once your account has been created. We look forward to making you a part of the Glue family!"


Why advertise a new site if you aren't going to allow people to use the site? Worse, how could the people of the Deck have used it and thought it worthy if it's not available to the general public? Sure, yes, they could have been in on a alpha test of the site, but come on, how realistic would that test really be?

Now I'm just annoyed at the Deck. Boo.