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Gah. End already.


Well, now that that's over, I feel I can actually talk about it somewhat. Sorta, not really, but yes, in the vaguest of terms.

Who the hell does business where the CEO doesn't talk to the CFO and neither talk to the client respectfully?

I have to say, I just LOVE it when a company sends an email, you know, email, an unreliable mode of conversation that has no guarantee of delivery to the intended recipient, nor any guarantee not to be filtered out because of spam issues, then cancels a contract when there isn't any immediate response to the email.

Especially a work email sent to a personal email address. Oooooo, or sent after 6PM on a Friday, expecting an answer by Monday morning OR ELSE.

Mike asked if said company called me this weekend to follow up. You know, using that OLD technology with INSTANT communication. Bah, any technology that's over 100 years old can't possibly be worth using.

So, no call, no email to a valid email address. And no contract.

I have to say that part of me is angry. Angry at the stress this company has caused me in the last two months. Angry at the moments I doubted myself because someone I've met only passing three years ago accused me of losing him a client when his coworker had just complimented me for pushing back on a completely unreasonable request for the said client. Angry at their incomprehensible communication style which involves wasting hours (HOURS) of time talking about items of no worth just to hear them talk. Angry at their stupid low contract rates, causing us to value our work less than its true worth. Angry at their contesting every single invoice we send, even after

That angry part really wants to start posting all the company secrets they told me. You know, the ones they told me without having a contract with me. Without my signing an NDA. Who works that way these days?

Yet, part of me is quite thankful to see how dysfunctional that company is before I started working there. That part of me is also thankful for that company's showing me just how bad life could get, how stressful, how painful. I've been there now, and know there is something better, way better, than that company.

I'll be spending over a third of every day at the next place I work. I want it to be a place I enjoy, with people I like, and work that interests me. Life's too short to work for someone who ends every conversation, "I'm not a jackass. Really."