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Hot tubbin'


Went over to Andy's tonight. He had sent an invite over for 'tubbing and the Office. Mike Leech had shown me my first viewing of the Office when I stayed with him the week before Regionals, and had explained the briefest of plotlines to help me along. I've seen many more with Andy, however, and, though we don't need another show to Tivo, Kris and I have been enjoying heading over for an Office and 'tub adventure.

With Kris working late before his vacation starting tomorrow (also known as "yet another ultimate tournament masquerading as an ultimate tournament"), I grabbed the dogs for a social visit.

We watched an episode or two, then went off to the hot tub. I've been trying different shorts to see which would double best as a bathing suit, too frustrated to actually go out and buy one, having purchased two that didn't quite fit, even with the mix and matching.

Now, normally when I go hot tubbing, I can last about 15 minutes in the hot tub before I'm done. Kris can attest I like my showers "tepid" so hot, hot, hot water isn't comfortable for me. Kris and Andy seem to be able to sit in for hours, though I haven't tested this theory, with my getting out after fifteen minutes, playing with the dogs, wandering around the house, washing all of Andy's dishes, rotating the compost bin, and cleaning up the dog poo in the back yard before the two of them are done.

Tonight, however, I was determined to stay in the tub. I wasn't going to be the first out tonight.

So, after an Office or two, in we went. We talked about how cool a blackout would be, sitting in the tub looking up at the sky. We talked about Nationals, about meeting up at various ones in years past, about injuries and recoveries, about dogs (especially after the dog pile that had Shadow on the bottom crying with Blue nipping him then dominating). We talked about geeky games, Portal in particular, and how the physics might work. We talked about the enzymes he was using in lieu of chlorine for the hot tub, and the rotation cycle of the alternate chemicals, and how chlorine just doesn't sit well with either of us. We even talked about the tub itself, and how some jets weren't working, and others felt really really good when aimed at the bottom of the feet.

During all of our talks, I sat in the tub, or on the edge, or in front of a jet, or leaning over talking to a dog or two. I stayed in the tub, mostly, waiting for him to get out first.

After lasting more than three times my usual tub length, I gave up. I was a prune and completely warmed all over. I didn't need to be in the hotteum any longer, as all of my muscles were all limbered. Just as I left the tub, Andy jumped out. "If I had known you were that close to getting out, I would have stayed in. I was waiting for you to get out first,"

"Well, I was, too. I was waiting for you to get out first."

"Great. Playing chicken in a hot tub."