More psych-up news


Today I received another awesome email from my psych-up buddy.

Hello Kitt,

The alias "kittrules" means you, Kitt Hodsden, rule.

Top Ten Reasons Why You Rule (They're not all ultimate-related, but let's face it you rule in many ways.)

10. You patiently take stats and organize them for impatient polar bears.
9. Who magically gets ice cream in their freezer?! If that's not a sign of good karma...
8. You get your ass kicked so you can kick ass, voluntarily doing extra training at Velocity Sports at the crack of dawn.
7. You "hire" college boys to do "work" every summer.
6. Your forehand is hot. Seriously.
5. You always encourage your teammates, whether they are up, down or just around.
4. Treasurer, webmaster, general has-her-shit-together person!
3. You push yourself hard, a lot harder than most, and even when you think nobody is watching.
2. You ask smart questions during practice to understand what the drills are supposed to simulate.
1. You are so resilient. At times you've been sidelined because of injuries but then you're back again. And again. Stronger than before and ready to go.

Or in your case, ready to RULE.


I lurve my buddy.