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Portal vs. GH3


Having read an article in Wired about the new console game Portal, I immediately ordered the Orange Box for Andy. I'm 100% sure I'm not going to buy a console to play one computer game, but if I can "convince" someone else to let me come over and play at his house, why not?

Our conversation went something like, "If I buy you a game for your XBox, will you let me come over and play it?" "Uh... yes?"

Though we had seen him in passing yesterday morning at 4:00 AM, Andy invited us over to play Portal after dinner.

That plan lasted exactly the length of time it took Kris to realize Andy had also received Guitar Hero 3 during our Nationals tournament trip.

GH3 won. I gave up immediately, and went to the hot tub.

Update: Earthquake hit tonight. Drove home to verify the lamps hadn't tipped over and ignited the curtains.

They hadn't.