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Time for a change


I asked Mike today if I could exchange cars with him, handing him the new car for his Volvo station wagon. He laughed at me, and said sure, what's up? When I explained Kris couldn't drive a stick shift offered to show him the pictures, Mike declined.

I hadn't seen him in a while, with his being off at a client for the last, well, few months, so after exchanging cars, I kept talking. We chatted about life, the kids, the dogs, spouses, the company, our clients. Mike mentioned the client he's been working at has made him an offer that, well, having refused the previous two, is so good, he's inclined to take. "An offer you can't refuse?" "Yeah."

Honestly, after leaving with his car, I felt relief. I was happy that a decision had been made, that we were going to move forward with the company. Part of me was a little disappointed, as I had finally come to terms with the current work situation. That part is small, though. The overwhelming feeling is of excitement of opportunity.