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Can't see!


I went up to the City for lunch with a friend yesterday. I took the train up, as, well, the cost of a round trip train ticket is $11.50 and cheaper than the $15 for gas to drive up. I guess I could pay $5 in gas and drive Kris' car, but then I'd have to worry about the MPG in the car. And drive 50 MPH. So slow. And on the freeway. You know, the roads built to drive a million miles an hour on?

Of course, if I drove, I'd have to pay attention. Better to take the train and spend the two travel hours being at least somewhat productive.

My productivity was increased by the crappy view.

The train was covered by a large advertising sticker for the "real" Yellow Pages. To see out, there were little holes. Not big enough for much other than impressions of the outside.