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Come home, Santa, come home!


On the way to work today, I noticed the music store where I bought Kris' guitar had signs up, "Store closing!" and "Everything must go!" and "Fixtures for sale!" As I walked into the office from the parking lot, I gave Kris a call. "Have you been thinking about getting an electric guitar? Because, this store is closing, but I don't want to buy something just because it's on sale. But, if you were thinking of getting one, now might be a good time."

He hadn't been actively thinking, but was definitely interested.

So, after lunch, Shirley, Doyle and I wandered over to the store to look. Oh, why did I put myself in that situation? Why, oh, why? I mean, here I've been trying to minimize my stuff, get rid of my crap, and I was standing in front of a guitar I was sure Kris would love to have, hey, we're going cheap here, and an amp that's just simply adorable, and well, crap. So, I called Kris and asked him what he'd like, and oooooooo, yes, please. He would like the one, pretty please.

I told him okay, but, well, it was his Christmas present this year. If I bought it, that's it. I'm off the hook for the rest of the year. He say, yes, please, yes, Santa, he'd like his giftie early, thank you.

Walking around, I commented that, well, if Santa wanted to, oh, I don't know, buy a bass guitar, I'm sure I could find a use for one. He was very excited about this thought also, and commented he was coming home early tonight! Doyle helped me carry all the crap back to the office, and back to work we went, trying really really hard to finish the accidental volunteer project.

Around dinner time, I wanted to show Kris something, but couldn't find him via IM. When I called his cell, he answered, "Santa? is that you Santa?"

I'd have to say, yes, that was Santa.