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Somehow (who knows how!), we convinced Andy that he should let us dog sit his two dogs. Andy's dad dropped the dogs off this afternoon, so Blue and Shadow were in the house when I arrived home from work.

I wandered around the back of the house when I arrived home, to look in the back window to see what the dogs were doing. When I wandered around back, Annie ran up to me to greet me, as is her style. Bella didn't arrive shortly thereafter, which is her style. After a moment, Annie disappeared into the back yard, and I continued my walk to the back window.

Looking in, I realized why Bella didn't come rushing outside. Blue was nose to the door. Shadow was right behind him. Annie was nowhere to be found. Bella, however, was perched up on top of the couch at the highest, softest, most easily dog-approachable spot in the livingroom, surveying her minions.

A quick rap on the window, a quick turn to the side, and an EXPLOSION of dog fur, and warm doggie breath greeted me in the form of Blue, who nearly knocked me over, and Shadow who finished the job Blue failed at.

Ah, yes, these next few days are going to be fun.