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Easy workout


This morning's workout, although really hard to get to because I really really really just wanted to sleep, was pretty easy. We did a lot of running for a warmup, which makes me miss the jumping jacks warmups even more, followed by the usual squats, leg swings, twists, thrusts, mountain climbers, sprints and skydivers. I took my time with the hamstring stretches, as both of my hamstrings are tight as of late.

Today's workout was 3 rounds of:

8 runs on the track (i.e. 8 x 40 yards, running, not sprinting)
12 weighted situp stands
21 kettleball swings
12 pull ups

The 8 runs on the track were thankfully not sprints. Except for one, I ran them all at a good clip, working on keeping my knees up and my form good. It's not much more effort to run with good strides than it is to jog, so might as well run.

The weighted situps started standing holding a weight plate out from the chest about 6". We then squated, sat, rolled backward, lifting the weight over our head, and pulling our legs up and our feet straight over our head. Then, using core muscles, pull the legs back down, pull the weight back down to chest level, sit up, tuck feet under us and stand up. Much easier to do than to describe. Kris went with the 25# plate. I used the 10# plate because the 25# plate was too much. I would have preferred an 18# plate, as 10 was too light.

The kettleball swings and pull ups were normal.

I managed to finish the workout, though part of that was because I wasn't showering before the train ride back home. First one I've finished in a while.