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Not so easy workout


On paper, it sounds like a fairly easy workout. One round into the four round set, we realized it wasn't an easy workout. By the end, my legs were shot.

Each round was:

20 single armed overhead weighted squats
10 turkish sit ups
10 weighted V ups
10 burpees
20 box jumps

For the single armed, overhead weighted squats, we held a weight above our head and, keeping the arm straight and weight up as high as we could, did a squat. The squats were off-center, which made them more challenging. My shoulder has been bothering me since the layout, so I managed fairly little weight on this task.

The turkish sit ups continued the straight arm overhead weight, but for this we went from standing straight up to lying down, all with the weight as high as we could make it vertically (which put it perpendicular to our body once we were lying down). We could go from a standing position to a squat, roll backwards to sit, put our feet out straight, then lie down, or we could go from a standing position to a lunge, put our unused hand down, pull the back leg forward and lie down. After the first exercise of squats, the lunges were the easier way to go.

The weighter V ups were with the same weight, starting lying down with both hands on the weight, which was overhead on the ground. Lifting both legs and shoulders into a V was one situp.

Burpees were the same.

Box jumps were either landing two feet on the box (gently!) or step ups. I did twenty each leg of one legged jump-ups onto the box, mostly to work on my vertical jump form.

Not sure if I'll go Friday or not. Breanne won't be teaching those classes.