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Pumpkin waffles


Megan and I were talking about websites last Saturday, and she showed me one of the sites she frequents, Smitten Kitchen. It's a food blog, which means, of course, it'll either have tasty recipes (and thus be worth visiting again) or sucky recipes (and thus we suspect Megan is crazy).

The first recipe I found on the site (you know, hard to miss, it was on the front page), was for pumpkin waffles. Now, pumpkins are ones of the glorious, glorious reasons fall is my favorite season, making this recipe completely inspiring. As in, don't wait until the weekened inspiring.

Kris has a meeting Thursday mornings, so he's up early. I don't have yoga in the morning since the schedule was changed at the beginning of the month, so hey, how about Thursday morning?

Megan and Mirabelle came over to help us eat the waffles. The recipe made 17 farm yard animal + barn waffles, of which Kris ate four, Megan ate two, Mirabelle at two and I managed all of one. I did eat the barn, though. Mirabelle had a chicken and a headless pig.

Aside from the wonderful reward of spending time with Kris and Megan and Mirabelle, making the waffles also caused the house to smell wonderful, as the pumpkin cooking spices filtered throughout the kitchen and living room. Pretty wonderful to come home to that smell.