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4 years!



Four years ago today, I installed this instance of Drupal, and started figuring out this blogging thing. Having spent most of my life trying to forget what happened that day, week, month, year, I had changed my mind and decided I wanted to remember. That forgetting habit is hard to break, though, and I needed help. Voila! Brain #4, external brain #2.

Go ahead, figure that one out. Post your solution in the comments.

It's close enough to the end of the year that a retrospective wouldn't be out of place. So, here it is, my life thus far. In pie charts.

Really, I've wanted to do this since linked to's personal pie charts "report". I didn't have any pie chart generator, and wasn't about to generate them by hand, but hadn't really looked for any generator until Google published their Chart API Well, then, the list of pie charts I've had for the last nine months could be generated. Voila!

Update: Ah, I just realized that the colors on charts with similar information aren't consistent. I'll chalk this up to a learning experience and do better next year when I add, "% life writing pie chart reports."