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Beware-O 11


I went out to the 11th annual Beware-o the Sombrero tournament this morning. The tournament registration started at 7:45 am, in the far East Bay, about a 45 minute drive away, prompting me to ask Kris, "WHY? WHY, OH, why do we get up earlier for ultimate than we do in real life? Why?"

He just laughed.

So, I sent the tournament director an email requesting late registration. Whoo-hoo! I started at 9:00 am instead of 8:00 am like everyone else, though I actually arrived at 9:15. Boo. I did manage a couple points in the first game, which we won.

We also won the second game. And the third. The third game was the most interesting, as one of the opponents was a Jam guy, and another one was a Slow White woman. I was surprised at how many people said, "Wow! She's good!" about the Slow White woman, as all I could see her do is huck the disc away. Sure, she could throw the disc far, but throwing a disc far is worthless if no one actually catches her throws. shrug

My teammates were a lot of fun. There was a Pleasure Town player, a few UCLA players, some local players that recognized me, Ellie (Adam Fagin's friend who sprained her ankle at the Sunnyvale Savage Seven tournament), and Immay! (that would be Jimmy Wang).

I ended up leaving after the third game. It was cold. It was wet. We had four other women. I hadn't dropped or thrown away the disc, so hey, leave on an up note. Jimmy sent me an update about the rest of the day:

Hi Kitt,

We won all of our pool play games and lost in the finals.

We had a tough game in round 5 against a team who was also undefeated.
We were trading points most of the game and was up by a break at the
half. We squeezed by 11 to 9 at the soft cap.

Game 6 was initially close, but we pulled away after the half. The
game ended on a sad note when one of their women was clobbered in the
back of the head by a poach D when she made the catch on a floaty
hospital pass.

The final was 11/7 or 11/6. We had taken half at 6/4, but then an
apparent score by us was called back by a pick that was seemingly not
involved in the play. We lost momentum and they went on a scoring
streak to win the game.

Glad you could come out,