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Day of contrast


My day today is a stark contrast to Kris' day today.

Where as Kris is at his company's office's holiday party, celebrating the year, toasting the successful times, planning for a great next year, I'm closing down my company after three years.

Which is not to say the company was a failure, it wasn't. It kept three people employed well for three years. We had some good projects. We hit some rough patches. I think that we all came out the other end still friends is a testament to the company, as well as the people who worked for it.

Yet, today is the day I go into work and tell Chris we're done, that he needs to look for another job. We have projects available for him, so he won't be without income if he doesn't want to be. Mike is already at working at his new company. Looks like just me at this point.

I wonder if I'll cry when I tell Doyle.